Fawn Creek Association – Plymouth Minnesota


I am the President of the Fawn Creek Association and I am planning on using technology to improve the communication in our community.

Current Issues:

Our meeting on September 20th was attended by only five members of the community.  We will have a Virtual Meeting on Sunday November 1st,  2020 at 4:00 pm.

  1. Virtual Meeting – November 1st 2020. (Code will be emailed to you)
  2. Communication must be improved.  We will be developing quarterly updates in our association via email.  We are asking members to provide valid emails and phone numbers.
  3. Architectural Committee.   We will be making the decision of members and process for this committee.  To review new build outs in our neighborhood.
  4. New Business:  An idea to have a mini library was brought up and we will discuss in our next virtual meeting.
  5. Vice-President: We have a vacancy for the VP position.
  6. Covenants Update:  Pat Kelly (New neighbor) has reviewed and provided updates for the covenants.  They will be sent mid October for you to review and approve or provide feedback on our November meeting.
  7. Directory – Diagram:  We are also going to work on updating and creating our neighborhood directory and diagram.  It will be virtual and private to members only.