with a quiet mind you can improve your life

We all have something to learn and to teach, life is a trip to do our best during this time.

What is Awakeningz

During August – September 2008, I had a supernatural experience with the spiritual world.  After this experience which changed my life dramatically the spiritual world gave me tasks to perform and people to help.  My teachings and insights provided by the spiritual world I call “Awakeningz”, the reason I decided on this name is because I felt awakened after my own personal experience.  My life is totally amazing, due to the personal fulfillment I experience when helping others with the aid of the spiritual world.

Health Mind

Do you feel connected to the spiritual world?  Usually those who feel there is something missing in their lives is due to a good connection with the spiritual realm.

Connection & Balance

Awakeningz is designed to help people reach a connection to the spiritual realm.  A way to obtain answers and guidance.

Body Strength

Make your body serve you to meet your personal goals.


Thanks so much for your help, in just one session I feel my life has been changed for the better…
Rachel B.
Thanks for your help, I am a different person and I can now try to have a relationship with my partner.
Have stopped my bad habits and learned to appreciate my life and others.
Thanks for your help, I have a beautiful family and I know it was with your help and the spiritual guidance provided that I was able to save my marriage and evolve into a loving relationship with my wife.
Bradley W.


5 Tips for Increasing Productivity and Efficiency

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Tips for When You Have to Fire a Client

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The Quiet Client: Why You Want Your Client to Complain

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A Destiny Driven Team Solves, Not just Sells

Destiny Driven” Team Ideology and Series   A Destiny  Driven Team Solves, Not Just Sells Stop selling your employees about why they need to perform better.  Explain why their contributions help solve problems and contribute to the company’s/clients advancement.  Employees are more inclined to step up their game when they know their work can add-value […]Read More

How to Meditate

There are many benefits to meditation, when you are able to quiet your mind and body.  When you are able to practice meditation, you are able to obtain help from the spiritual world.  Usually a sense of clarity is achieved to any of the every day problems.  There are different methods of meditation, some are simple and basic some are more time consuming and complex.   I use a very nice method called “Journey Meditation” , I also teach it to those interested.

Below there are several organizations I have created to help others and also Beta Theta Pi, I am a lifelong member of this fraternity organization.