About Me

Having vast experience on taking advantage of the Internet building sophisticated websites, branding using the story brand approach and digital marketing, Ricardo has worked with hundreds of marketing professionals in Minneapolis / St Paul Minnesota, the USA and around the world.  On how to best market company’s products and services using sophisticated marketing tactics. Will you be next?

Marketing Vision

I love connecting and creating relationships with marketing professionals and individuals, this in combination with my creative mind and strategic marketing juice have allowed me to set myself apart from other professionals in the industry. Follow along to see my internet marketing insights into this ever-changing field.

Make sure to show what you stand for in the process.  As for me it is to create joy on what I do with my team.  Believe very much that “You are the architect of your own destiny”

Marketing Wisdom

Ricardo Ortizcazarin is President and Marketing Visionary of Cazarin Interactive, which provides digital marketing solutions for companies
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We all have something to learn and to teach, life is a trip to do our best during this time.

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