From Golden Gopher to CEO


I am a very proud University of MN graduate (Gopher), class of 1986. I hold a BIS degree (Bachelor of Individualized Studies) from the University of Minnesota, with emphasis in Computer Science and Management Information Systems.
I went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the Carlson School of Business (1990 to 1994).

During my first few jobs out of college, I was exposed to sales, marketing, and software development. This combination allowed me to see that the Internet was going to be a game-changer for companies. In 1997, I saw that the Internet was largely misunderstood for its potential.  I researched and provided the findings to my employer at the time, but they didn’t agree with the opportunity I saw. So I began considering starting my own business centered around building websites and taking advantage of this new industry.

After consulting with my wife, I started Cazarin Interactive in our basement in April of 1998.