In the Spring of 2007, I was very happy. I had just sold a large project and put a few hundred dollars in my pocket. I went for lunch and behind me there were three roof workers, all of which were dirty and hungry. I had decided I was going to pay for their lunch; however, I didn’t do it. In my mind, I played the scene and thought they would be suspicious of me by giving them something for free. I took my sandwich sat down and began eating. As soon as I took the first bite, the idea of “One Act of Kindness” was transferred to me. It was a great idea and I began writing all I could and this was the birth of

The idea was to create cards that anyone could print and give to people in the process of executing “Acts of Kindness”. See example of the cards below.

The cards give a sense of permission to help others without expecting anything in return. Something that I realized was lacking when I wanted to pay for the lunch of those workers.

In the past ten years I have received great emails from people around the world. Canada, England, Australia, Ireland just to name a few. These were from people who received cards from people doing Acts of Kindness and enjoyed whatever was given to them.

It is VERY gratifying to receive these type of messages and to know that a bit more kindness is being sprinkled around the world. You can see some of these messages from recipients.

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Have you received a message from a stranger?

Are you willing to give an act of kindness?