As the CEO of a marketing agency that has been in business for over 24 years,  I have heard the laments of many businesses that have wasted many resources on developing a business. A good brand has thought about the efforts of growing a company. 

Review your brand against these elements.

Having read from successful CEOs , marketing professionals, and from personal experience, I can attest that nurturing a  “Good Brand” for a company is one of the best investments an organization  can make.


It is great to have  a “Good Brand”.   Employees, staff and vendors notice a difference when they are in the presence of a Good Brand.  It is as a solid presence, a presence that says “we stand for X” we will help you to achieve X.  It is the power of the brand.


Team spirit is easy to lose if the company doesn’t support it.  If the company cares for the staff, they will reciprocate for the most part.  A cohesive team  is not easy to gain either. While I am not an expert , I can provide our experience in acquiring it and the benefits.

5 Elements of a Good Brand

These are the most important elements for a brand to possess: 


It is Purposeful 

A strong brand knows what it is and what is not.  It is defined and created to be the umbrella for the company.  It aligns the employees internally and projects a strong brand image to prospective customers and real customers.


It is Unique

Strong Brands know their Customer Value proposition and can easily articulate it to their prospective customers. Their staff knows clearly what they stand for and align these principles with their own values.


It Knows its Target Market

A strong brand knows who is the right potential target market to purchase its products and services.  It creates messaging that resonates with them.  It builds a connection with its target market and creates a solution for a need.


It is Consistent

A strong brand is consistent with its look, message, and character.  A brand character is usually defined early on, you can select any character from serious, to funny or laid back.  The goal is to be consistent with the messages, and tone the quality.  This will translate into a strong brand.


It is Authentic

A strong brand that is authentic, doesn’t try to imitate its competition.  It sets itself apart from the competition by being or doing something that it cares about.  By providing exceptional “Customer Service” or Technology advanced products, or always innovating.  An authentic brand knows where they stand in the marketplace.

Benefits of having a “Strong Brand” 

These next elements will ensure your marketing waste is minimal after 6 months. The key is to follow up on these five factors. 

Higher Retention of Talent

Staff will stay longer at the company when the organization has a strong brand with values that are well implemented. 

When the values of the staff resonate with the values of the employees, it creates pride and connection with the company. Having a strong brand also means that employees have clear goals, which gives your staff a sense of purpose in their role. 

Better and More Job Candidates 

Fostering a strong brand will promote your company work culture to outsiders looking for work.  Having a good work culture improves your company’s reputation for job seekers, allowing you to find higher quality applicants that best suit new openings. 

Higher Sales

Having a strong brand will generate more sales because the right brand messaging resonates with your customers. Brand messaging helps to increase sales by setting your company apart, in a positive way. Customers will spread the word to others who seek out the same values that your brand possesses. Having a strong brand makes it more likely that prospective customers will put their trust in your company. Your brand is what customers will remember, so having a strong brand ensures that your company will be remembered.

Higher Value

Companies with a strong brand have significantly higher value.  At the time of valuation, companies with strong brands will always come out on top. 

A Healthier Company 

 Promoting a strong brand is very important for the overall functioning of your company. By promoting a strong brand, you will set your company up for success

Defend the Brand

My final advice for nurturing a strong brand is to have very clear brand guidelines, for each of your audiences that interact with your brand. For example, vendors, staff, employees, executive team, customer service team, etc.


Make sure everyone knows the benefits of a strong brand.  


At Cazarin Interactive, we strive to have a great, strong brand and understand that we all represent the company.  We create joy together!  This is very important to us.

Final Takeaways

Be purposeful when promoting your brand.  Make sure your brand messaging is well developed and that it is well understood by your employees and stakeholders.  Develop clear brand guidelines that are easy to access.  When the brand messaging is promoted you can focus on what is important to the brand from its services. Including its products, caring for the environment, and caring for its people.  Just be consistent on the message and make sure that everyone is aligned in understanding the brand.

When someone selects Cazarin Interactive as their marketing partner, our team becomes a part of their company.  We seek to have long term relationships with our customers and pay for ourselves by increasing sales and enhancing their brand. We will nurture joy and respect in our interactions with your company.


Do you want to utilize our Marketing Fusion (™) and see real growth in your business? Contact our marketing department today.  


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How do you nurture “Team Spirit” in your organization today?